From content creation and copywriting to branding, I am obsessed with creating memorable digital experiences. If you are looking to increase engagement on your socials, website, newsletters and beyond, we should work together. I can help to further improve your awesome brand by working with you to understand your needs and the needs of your stakeholders. Let’s make it happen, together.

Copywriting + Content

With a variety of copywriting + content creation experience, I am ready to work with your brand to make it even better and increase online engagement.

Socials Management

Social media management is an integral part of your business model, but it can be time consuming. Let me do it for you! Save time, gain a following, increase engagement and build your brand.


Need help finding your brand’s aesthetic? I can help! I create minimalist logos, brand colors, business cards, socials templates, mood boards and more. Your brand is the backbone of your business so let’s make it pop!


Meagan is a content creator, copywriter, and blogger from New Jersey. She is ready to work with you to make your incredible digital space even better.

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